National Express print-at-home vulnerability

This is a fine example of developers being lazy and how not to implement "security". National Express are one of the biggest public transport companies in the UK with a huge fleet of coaches and trains. This has been patched. @RiskObscurity @NX_MD We had confirmation at 16:30 yesterday ... » read more

Why I'm excited about C# 6.0

Version 6.0 has been out since April via the new .NET compiler, Roslyn and will soon ship with Visual Studio 14 so let's have a super-quick run down of what's new. The majority of new features are syntactic sugar (isn't everything, really?) but in my opinion this is good ... » read more

NLog.Slack - love your logs

I love Slack. It's the most amazing thing since sliced bread. Yeah, that good. It's so good that it is the first service I've paid for that also offers a completely free service. Why are you still reading this? Go check it out! (then come back) So, why not bring ... » read more

APK Downloader

This was a part of the APIfy service which is now defunct. I would now recommend using this downloader. If you're interested in the technical side of things drop me an e-mail. ... » read more

Cerberus anti-theft – an exploit allowing you to access any device

You may or may not have heard of Cerberus, an anti-theft application for Android devices. Cerberus allows you to remotely control your device if it has been lost or stolen. Features include: locate and track your device, start alarms, get a list of recent calls, download SMS messages, take pictures ... » read more

Funky Pigeon - account take over

If you have an account with then you should be extremely concerned. It is possible for an attacker to gain access to your account which can contain your address details, recent orders, any uploaded photos, your contacts (and their addresses) and your reminders – all of this information can ... » read more

Connecting to Facebook from your Unity desktop game

Connecting your Unity game to Facebook is a doddle if it is Web based and running in the Unity Web Player as you can use the official SDK. Unfortunately it’s not as easy if your game is desktop based as you have to somehow get the user to login ... » read more

ASDA (Walmart) API

After taking a look at the Tesco API, the only next logical step is uncovering the ASDA API. Unfortunately ASDA arn’t as open as Tesco as they don't offer any public APIs that anybody can use. In this post we’ll take a look under the hood of the ... » read more

Tesco API

Note: this post was about adding Tesco product searching to my side-project APIfy. I've since took it offline as I don't have the time to maintain it. Check out the Tesco Developers Portal and REST API Documentation for more information. Or drop the very helpful Nick Lansley, Head of Open ... » read more